Production Manager, MusicNet, '93-94
San Francisco, CA

MusicNet, founded by John Atcheson, was an interesting early foray into electronic commerce, personalization, and marketing predictions based on consumer behaviors. MusicNet began as a kiosk product, morphed into a telephony service (thousands of song clips available by phone) affiliated with Tower Records and Rolling Stone, and finally ended up a CD-ROM product.

With the focus on the CD-ROM, MusicNet was too encumbered to make a first-mover leap onto the burgeoning Web of 1994-5.

The CD-ROM held over two hundred albums' worth of reviews, track listings, three song clips per album and selected music videos. (This was about two years before CD-NOW and similar Web sites got started.)

MusicNet's name and assets were sold to Real Networks where founder John Atcheson worked as a vice president for awhile before becoming CEO of

Each issue of Rolling Stone included a personalized welcome to the magazine's subscriber ink-jetted onto the full page ad, with an invitation to call MusicNet's 800 number, use the convenient PIN number and access the thousands of music samples...featured albums gracing this page were a source of revenue from the labels.