Don Wrege - Creative Director
August 1, 2001 - August 1, 2004
Don Wrege at Newguard Don Wrege

The Cable Center

My first responsibility with NewGuard in the summer of 2001 was a redesign of The Cable Center's Web presence. As Creative Director of NewGuard my responsibilities included supervising information architecture, interface design and overall user experience. Working with three different IAs, three different designers and after extensive usability testing we were able to improve the site's look and feel and ease of use, while incorporating elements of their new branding and messaging program. Improvements to the site included an interactive guided tour of the facility built by Mr. Espinosa, incorporation of searchable online streaming video and the introduction of various forms of eCommerce.
Special merit goes to production specialist Carlos Mossman who suffered over three years of abuse under this account and whose dedication made it successful.

Don Wrege - Producer - Bernina International Quilting Festival Website
Bernina - Intnl. Quilting Festival
Don Wrege - Producer: Crosswalk Inc. Website
Crosswalk Inc.
Sterling-Rice hired us to build, manage and maintain Bernina's International Quilting Festival "webcast" site for 2002. With Conrad Rushing's help, we created a Flash pan-and-zoom application that allowed site users to view the entrants' artwork both in their entierty and and at the stitch level. Dagan Packman of ThreeFour Studios built rock solid page code. Throughout the three days of the festival new artwork and photos were uploaded constantly. Viewer response was overwhelmingly positive.
Navigant Biotechnologies was a new company with a new product. They hired us to create a Web presence from the ground up. Information Architect Laurie Lamar applied an "information layering" technique that presented the highly technical language of the site's medical industry message in language that each of the main target audience groups could understand. The site won an international award from the Society for Technical Communication.
When the president of McData created a new company from scratch, he asked NewGuard to help him create a website. Designer Erika Hutchings expanded and improved upon an image package an Austin company proposed and we had their interim site up in a very short period of time at a very low cost.

Don Wrege - Producer - RunFitUSA Website


Don Wrege - Producer - Childrens World Learning Centers Newsletter
Childrens World Learning Centers
(private newsletter)

Don Wrege - Designer - CTEK eBall Invitation image package

CTEK eBall
Jeff Kline of RunFitUSA had designer Trevor Dodd and myself working over the Thanksgiving weekend to meet his launch date. Trevor did a great job and Jeff Kline sits in jail at the moment, owing NewGuard six grand among his other massive debts. Nice site...strange guy.
Children's World Learning Centers was one of my first clients at XOR way back when. They followed Dean and me over to NewGuard and we administered their email campaign. This was an astoundingly successful email newsletter that regularly garnered several hundred subscription requests each "issue."
The guys at CTEK were going to throw their annual party and needed a postcard and a mini-site to trumpet their "eBall." I proposed taking their signature "egg" logo, wrapping stock photos around it and floating it over the front range. They liked the idea and with Photoshop artist estraordinaire, Deb Braun's help, we built "The Floating Orb of Desitny." Step #1 - Step #2